PR1Preview Release 1 (software; beta testing)
PR1Pathogenesis-Related Protein 1
PR1Parachute Rigger First Class (Naval Rating)
PR1Polymorphic Repetitive Sequence (DNA)
PR1Progressive Ratio 1 (psychological research)
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PR and Communications Manager, Helen Perkins, Ghostbikes, Deepdale Mill Street, Preston, PR1 5BY, Email: media@ghostbikes.
A 25[grados]C, todos os isolados esporularam abundantemente, ja a 20[grados]C, apesar de todos isolados terem esporulado, os isolados Esalq1, Esalq3, PR1, PR2 e PC13/36 apresentaram uma producao rara de esporos.
During the brief, the PR1 said he wanted us to have an APU operator on board the aircraft to run it.
The PR1 peptide was designed to be small enough so that it would not trigger antibody formation, Dr.
Nasdaq: DTSI), today announced that its breakthrough Phorus PS1 Speaker and PR1 Receiver will soon be able to bring "Hi-Fi over Wi-Fi" to Windows[R] PCs via the DTS Play-Fi app.
Write to me at 125 Pope Lane, Penwortham, Preston, Lancashire PR1 9DD Norma Williams, Preston
The VMUX provides transparent support for any standard or proprietary signalling protocol, including SS7, ISDN PR1, Q.
Write to: The Director, Tax Credits Office, Cop Lane, Preston, PR1 0SB.
AeroSurgical's lead product candidate, AeroSurge PR1, is designed to deliver local anesthetics into the abdominal cavity during laparoscopic surgery to effectively eliminate post-operative pain as well as achieve earlier ambulation, a reduction in opiate use and shorten hospital stays for non-ambulatory procedures.
com or write to her at 35 Hawkhurst Road, Penwortham, Preston PR1 9QS.
HELEN LORD, University of Central Lancashire, Preston PR1 2HE
How to enter: In no more than 30 words complete the following statement: `I should be the representative of (STATE TEAM YOU WANT TO REPRESENT) in the National Football Museum Goalstriker challenge because Send your competition entries with the completed statement to Goalstriker Competition, The National Football Museum, Sir Tom Finney Way, Deepdale, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 6RU or em ail competition@nationalfootballmuseum.