PR2Platform Racing 2 (gaming)
PR2Pathogenesis-Related Protein 2
PR2Parachute Rigger Second Class (Naval Rating)
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putida AAU PR2 and P fluorescens AAU PR3 up to 10% concentration.
Business Link adviser Anne Cumberlidge said: "The PR2 is a great business and an asset to Warwickshire's tourism sector.
PR2 McCollum managed to get onboard the Green Glory by waiting until the ship was in an extreme roll; he timed the wave action to grab the deck and pulled himself onboard while AO2 Jack remained in the water.
Determined to succeed, the PR2 worked a lot of overtime.
Working with a PR2 robot from WillowGarage, computer scientists at the University of Pennsylvania's GRASP Lab pulled off this remarkable feat.
The qualification program included an API 6A PR2 test, endurance testing with 500,000 cycles and hyperbaric-testing simulating seabed conditions.
Commercial developer and entrepreneur Jose Feliciano is moving ahead with development of Isabela Shopping Village, a new retail center on PR2 at Km.
COLIN BREWER 25 Brighton Crescent Ingol, Preston PR2 3XT.
Silicon Valley start-up Willow Garage has put its PR2 robot on general sale.
The San Miguel Plaza project a 44-room hotel, restaurant, and an 82-unit independent living elderly housing complex in an "L"-shaped, 10-story, 152,000-sq ft structure on a 2,464 square-meter lot on the northeast corner of Santa Cruz Street and PR2, next to San Pablo Hospital.