PR3Premier Remnants 3 (Upper Deck trading card category)
PR3Parachute Rigger Third Class (Naval Rating)
PR3Platform Racing 3 (game)
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4), the sensitivity and specificity of several commercial ELISAs for PR3 and MPO varied from 92% to 100% and 59% to 100%, respectively.
On the other hand, the presented data also show that the analytical performance of the DB method for detecting PR3 detection is excellent.
Test results of patient samples that were analyzed for the presence of PR3 and MPO antibodies, and sensitivity and specificity of DB method compared with ELISA.
Compatible with Intermec's FlexDock system, the PR2 and PR3 offer a new level of efficiency to docking and charging.
Providing innovative smart battery monitoring to minimize replacement costs and increase workforce productivity, the PR2 and PR3 offer valuable insight into battery usage and replacement needs before the battery runs out.
The PR2 and PR3 also save enterprise customers time and money by fitting into existing infrastructures and interfacing seamlessly via secure Bluetooth[R] 2.