PR5Province of Residence 5 Years Ago (Canada)
PR5Progressive Ratio 5 (psychological research)
PR5Partial Response Class 5
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Steve Ryan, UK Sales & Marketing Manager, says: "Initial response to the PR5 has been very positive.
Ingersoll Rand, Unit 361, Leach Place, Walton Summit, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 8AS
Looking much like a television remote control unit, InterWrite PR5 combines interaction and assessment to enhance classroom productivity.
For more information, please send SAE to: The Co-ordinator, Pen-Link (A52), 35 Dunkirk Lane, Leyland, Preston, PR5 3AX.
An essential reference guide for all sports fans, the booklet is available free of charge by ringing 01772 474288 or writing to Sorbothane, PO Box 22, Golden Hill Lane, Leyland, Lancs PR5 1UB.
Inquiries to: Ian Wilde Independent Funeral Directors, 211 Station Road, Bamber Bridge, PR5 6LD.
70 Cornfield Place Walton Summit Preston Lancashire PR5 8AN
Construct Measurement item Trust TR1 Ability TR2 Integrity TR3 Benevolence Perceived risk PR1 Privacy PR2 Social PR3 Performance PR4 Financial PR5 Time (absolute length) Performance PE1 Usefulness expectancy PE2 Time efficiency (performance outcome) PE3 Productivity Effort expectancy EE1 Interaction EE2 Skillfulness EE3 Ease of use EE4 Degree of ease to learn Social influence SI1 Senior management SI2 Influential people SI3 Important people SI4 Climate of organization Behavioral BI1 Intention to use intention BI2 Plan to use BI3 Prediction of use of system Construct Source Trust Pavlou (2003), Gefen (2004), Nicolaou & McKnight (2006) Perceived risk Lee (2009), Jacoby & Kaplan (1972) Performance Venkatesh et al.
23 May 2011 - Rating agency CARE on Friday reaffirmed the ratings assigned to the long and short-term bank facilities of Indian textile company Soma Textiles and Industries Ltd (BOM:521034) at D and PR5, respectively.
Those pigments include PO13, PO16, PO43, PR5, PR58:4, PR144, PR149, and PY128.
From John Hunt 14 Carrfield, Bamber Bridge, Preston, Lancs, PR5 8BS.