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PRAPhysician's Recognition Award (AMA)
PRAProgressive Retinal Atrophy
PRAPaperwork Reduction Act of 1995
PRAParticipatory Rural Appraisal
PRAProbabilistic Risk Assessment
PRAPolitical Research Associates
PRAPlasma Renin Activity
PRAPhysical Review A (American Physical Society journal of atomic, molecular, and optical physics)
PRAPubblico Registro Automobilistico (Italy)
PRAPortfolio Recovery Associates (Norfolk, VA)
PRAPurported Responsible Address
PRAPrimary Rate Access
PRAPanel Reactive Antibody (blood testing)
PRAPopular Rotorcraft Association
PRAProbabilistic Risk Analysis
PRAPaint Research Association (UK)
PRAPresidential Records Act of 1978
PRAProperty Rights Alliance
PRAPetrol Retailers Association (UK)
PRAPermanent Resident Alien
PRAPolicy Research and Analysis
PRAParticipatory Rural Assessment
PRAPreliminary Risk Assessment
PRAPatient Record Architecture
PRAPest Risk Assessments (USDA subsidiary)
PRAPlan de Reprise d'Activités (French: Plan Takeover Activity)
PRAProfessional Research Assistant
PRAPersonal Reemployment Account
PRAPhoton Research Associates, Inc.
PRAPortfolio Risk Assessment (USACE)
PRAPre-Retirement Association
PRAPunk Rock Aerobics
PRAPlanned Regulatory Action
PRAProject Review Authority
PRAPanel for Regulatory Accountability
PRAProbability of Raid Annihilation
PRAPrivileged Resource Architecture
PRAPatient Reporting Activity
PRAParticular Risk Analysis
PRAPropagation Research Associates
PRAPlatte River Associates, Inc (Colorado)
PRAPrenatal Risk Assessment
PRAParti pour le Renouveau Algerien
PRAParabolic Reflector Antenna
PRAParticipatory Research and Analysis
PRAParallel Retrograde Analysis
PRAPullet Rearers Association (UK)
PRAProgressive Refinement Approach (algorithm)
PRAPolarization Rotation Angle
PRAPark and Recreation Area
PRAProgram Review Authority
PRAPersonal Refund Authority
PRAPersonal Responsibility Act of 1995
PRAPay Record Accessibility
PRAPrimary Retinal Atrophy
PRAPrinciple Research Areas (CLIVAR)
PRAPlutonium Recycle Acid
PRAProduct Reliability Analysis
PRAProduction Readiness Assessment
PRAPacket Resource Assignment
PRAPost Refit Analysis
PRAProduct Release Authorization
PRAProduction Rate Approval
PRAPrimary Reviewing Authority
PRAPersistent Ranging Algorithm
PRAProcess Amplifier Assembly
PRAPerception-Reason-Action (artifical intelligence)
PRAPatent Reform Act of 2011
PRAPacifica Radio Archives (North Hollywood, CA)
PRAProperty Reserve Analysis
PRAPostdoctoral Research Associate (various organizations)
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At PRA Health Sciences, providing innovative solutions for our clients is what we do.
In addition to the new name, PRA is introducing a new website more reflective of the company today.
With PRA as part of the Pera Innovation Network, we will have an outstanding competency for industrial materials and nanotechnology research and business support," states John Hill, CEO at Pera.
Over the last 30+ years, PRA has established a reputation for specialized expertise and success in a variety of compounds, ranging from niche treatments and therapies to blockbuster drugs.
Alabama-based PRA is a publicly traded insurance holding company with operating subsidiaries engaged largely in medical malpractice insurance and to a lesser extent, personal lines insurance in Michigan.
Over the coming months, PRA plans to integrate the 300 ClinStar and IMP Logistics employees with successful operational delivery as a primary objective.
PRA is expected to record a substantial realized investment gain from this sale.
This contest allows our employees to compete against other talented professionals in the clinical research industry," said PRA Executive Vice President of Product Registration-Americas, Andrew Strayer.
In the Ukraine, PRA has established an office in Kiev.
As a leader in oncology and hematology research, PRA has participated in more than 400 oncology, hematology, and supportive care trials globally in every phase and numerous indications since 2005.
PRAs can be created in-house for any application or purchased from a growing number of leading independent software vendor (ISV) partners that work closely with BladeFusion to mutually certify their software as Production Ready Applications (PRA).
Organized by the PharmaTimes, the event named PRA "Clinical Company of the Year" based on the total points earned by its employees' performances in individual competitions.