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PRAPhysician's Recognition Award (AMA)
PRAProgressive Retinal Atrophy
PRAPaperwork Reduction Act of 1995
PRAParticipatory Rural Appraisal
PRAProbabilistic Risk Assessment
PRAPolitical Research Associates
PRAPlasma Renin Activity
PRAPhysical Review A (American Physical Society journal of atomic, molecular, and optical physics)
PRAPubblico Registro Automobilistico (Italy)
PRAPortfolio Recovery Associates (Norfolk, VA)
PRAPurported Responsible Address
PRAPrimary Rate Access
PRAPanel Reactive Antibody (blood testing)
PRAPopular Rotorcraft Association
PRAProbabilistic Risk Analysis
PRAPaint Research Association (UK)
PRAPresidential Records Act of 1978
PRAProperty Rights Alliance
PRAPetrol Retailers Association (UK)
PRAPermanent Resident Alien
PRAPolicy Research and Analysis
PRAParticipatory Rural Assessment
PRAPreliminary Risk Assessment
PRAPatient Record Architecture
PRAPest Risk Assessments (USDA subsidiary)
PRAPlan de Reprise d'Activités (French: Plan Takeover Activity)
PRAProfessional Research Assistant
PRAPersonal Reemployment Account
PRAPhoton Research Associates, Inc.
PRAPortfolio Risk Assessment (USACE)
PRAPre-Retirement Association
PRAPunk Rock Aerobics
PRAPlanned Regulatory Action
PRAProject Review Authority
PRAPanel for Regulatory Accountability
PRAProbability of Raid Annihilation
PRAPrivileged Resource Architecture
PRAPatient Reporting Activity
PRAParticular Risk Analysis
PRAPropagation Research Associates
PRAPlatte River Associates, Inc (Colorado)
PRAPrenatal Risk Assessment
PRAParti pour le Renouveau Algerien
PRAParabolic Reflector Antenna
PRAParticipatory Research and Analysis
PRAParallel Retrograde Analysis
PRAPullet Rearers Association (UK)
PRAProgressive Refinement Approach (algorithm)
PRAPolarization Rotation Angle
PRAPark and Recreation Area
PRAProgram Review Authority
PRAPersonal Refund Authority
PRAPersonal Responsibility Act of 1995
PRAPay Record Accessibility
PRAPrimary Retinal Atrophy
PRAPrinciple Research Areas (CLIVAR)
PRAPlutonium Recycle Acid
PRAProduct Reliability Analysis
PRAProduction Readiness Assessment
PRAPacket Resource Assignment
PRAPost Refit Analysis
PRAProduct Release Authorization
PRAProduction Rate Approval
PRAPrimary Reviewing Authority
PRAPersistent Ranging Algorithm
PRAProcess Amplifier Assembly
PRAPerception-Reason-Action (artifical intelligence)
PRAPatent Reform Act of 2011
PRAPacifica Radio Archives (North Hollywood, CA)
PRAProperty Reserve Analysis
PRAPostdoctoral Research Associate (various organizations)
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The PRA could potentially be cited in court cases seeking to overturn current state laws affecting custody and visitation, child protection, education, children's rights, and juvenile justice.
A second need stemmed from the regulatory environment, where documentation is required by external regulatory authorities around the world including the FDA, EMA, and other local authorities in the various countries where PRA does business.
Ms Hart said: "I am delighted that PRA is further expanding its opera-ational centre in Swansea, creating high-skilled, graduate-level employment.
As part of the transaction, Aktiv Kapital's CEO and board member Geir Olsen was named CEO of PRA Group Europe, which will comprise the target's European operations and PRA's business in the UK.
In addition to tracking burden hours for the 2004 fiscal year, the OIRA report addresses the relationship of paperwork burden to statutory requirements and discretionary burden; achieving zero violations of the PRA; the impact of e-government initiatives on the paperwork burden; reducing the burden for small business and assisting with PRA compliance; and agency initiatives to reduce the paperwork burden.
In the PRA method, prolonged incubation is needed to generate measurable AngI.
Talking to reporter, Deputy Commissioner PRA Zia-ur-Rehman said that since establishment of the PRA in 2012, services and businesses were being included in tax net which were increasing considerably.
According to officials, the PRA had earlier imposed penalty of Rs25,000 each on both cantonment boards for ignoring several notices regarding non-payment of tax on various services.
LAHORE -- The Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA) has withdrawn from input adjustment exercise with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), said the PRA spokesperson here Wednesday.
Quoting his previous meeting in October last year at the FCCI, he said that they had identified the glaring anomalies in that meeting and as per the promise the PRA had not taken any punitive action during the last four months.
On November 13, the Bank of England s Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) published a final policy statement titled Contractual Stays in Financial Contracts Governed by Third-Country Law (the PRA Policy Statement).
PRA Health Sciences (PRA) has opened a new, bioanalytical lab in Assen, the Netherlands.