PRA1Prenylated Rab Acceptor Protein (receptor)
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Draft evaluation criteria Criterion Criterion Priority number Price for connection 1 Motorway PHW 1 2 Highway--1st class PR1 3 3 Highway--2nd class PR2 3 4 National railway PRA1 1 5 Regional railway PRA2 4 6 Airport PAIR 3 7 Waterway PWA 4 Regional characterist 8 Number of inhabitants NNI 5 9 GNP value GDP 1 Criterion Unit VLC 1 VLC2 VLC 3 VLC 4 number 1 mil.
The first new award, valued at USD145m, is an EPIC contract for the tie-in of oil export pipelines from the Roncador, Marlim Sul and Marlin Leste fields to the PRA1 booster platform and for other associated tie-in work at two offloading buoys and a floating storage and offloading tanker.