PRACEPrograma de Reestruturação da Administração Central do Estado (Portugal)
PRACEPreston/Reservoir Adult Community Education (Australia)
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Supermicro's leading power efficiency, high density, design along with AMD's latest six-core CPU and PCI-E Gen 2 chipset and the power management features offered at various levels were key deciding factors due to our environmental and cost concerns, concerns that are shared by PRACE partners.
To promote the organization of European HPC and participate to its actions, GENCI is the French representative in the PRACE project.
As coordinator of PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe), JSC is at the top level of Europe's HPC landscape.
With successful deployments at CERN, PRACE, and other Fortune 100 organizations, SuperBlade has already become the preferred solution for a wide range of mission-critical applications.
Finally, the French government recently unveiled its 'Digital France 2012' plan, which devotes a great deal of space to computer simulation focused around five key proposals: widening access to High-Performance Computer simulation amongst SMEs; extending French presence in dedicated software; strengthening higher education in this area; hosting one of the major European HPC centers as part of the European PRACE program; and exploring the possibility of launching a large-scale European collaborative supercomputer program, drawing on the expertise of top-ranking players in the industry such as Bull.
Building on the already significant network of 15 CECAM centres across Europe and the PRACE initiative, it will create a distributed, sustainable centre for simulation and modelling at and across the atomic, molecular and continuum scales.
Objective: The three most significant HPC bodies in Europe, PRACE, ETP4HPC and EESI, have come together within EXDCI to coordinate the strategy of the European HPC Ecosystem in order to deliver its objectives.
The project will extend existing PaaS solutions, allowing public and private e-infrastructures, including those provided by EGI, EUDAT, PRACE and HelixNebula, to integrate their existing services, make them available through GEANT-compliant federated and distributed AA policies, guaranteeing transparency and trust in the provisioning of such services.
FEniCS is today a world leading open source software for computer simulation based on differential equations, with an estimated 50 000 downloads per year, and the PI today leads the PRACE Tier-0 project FEniCS-HPC, in which algorithms and software are developed for the most powerful supercomputers in Europe.
The Pristine Seas program is an important effort to explore and document the last pristine praces in our oceans.
2009) General practitioners' perceptions and praces of physical activity counselling: changes over the past 10 years.