PRAFProposal Routing and Approval Form (various universities)
PRAFPotomac River Albacore Fleet (Washington, DC)
PRAFPolicy and Regulatory Affairs (Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation)
PRAFPhysician Reviewer Assessment Format (Medicare review form)
PRAFPreliminary Registration Approval Form (Massachusetts)
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Within this context, the Project#s development objectives are to: (i) strengthen institutional capacity of the Ministry of the Presidency and the PRAF agency to administer and manage a CCT program through the development of mechanisms and instruments for targeting of beneficiaries, monitoring compliance, making payments and transparency; and (ii) increase school attendance among students in grades 1 to 6 and the utilization of preventive health services among families participating in the CCT Program.
However, the PRAF was restructured in 1998, and with the introduction of the PRSP it was renamed PRAF-IDB Phase II.
This component will strengthen the efficiency, effectiveness, and management of the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program by building capacity in the MoP and PRAF and will contribute to the development of a social protection strategy.