PRAFO[not an acronym] (custom-fitted ankle foot orthosis; trademark of Anatomical Concepts, Inc.)
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Ogni soggetto e stato posizionato ed imbracato (cavigliera APU PRAFO, tutore semirigido che permetteva flessione plantare a 30[grados] e flessione neutra 0[grados]), ed e stata eseguita una flessione d'anca senza permettere rotazioni, abduzione o adduzione al femore.
If you have a ventilator patient with PRAFO boots you can quickly find yourself in a situation where you have not only the several tasks to perform but the charting to go with it, along with the other routine care ...
ECMO initiated 7 Medically sedated, now on PROM continued, ECMO, SIMV, and s/p mother instructed in tracheostomy PROM and donning/doffing the PRAFOs. Right glenohumeral joint mobilization.