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* Conversational (Dialogue) Acts * Psychological Acts (Emotions) * Perosody (Intonation, Stress) * Physical Acts * Body Moves * Physiognomy (Facial Expression) * Body Expression of emotion -- Pract NULL Allopract * Pragmeme, Praft, Allopract The pragmeme in the above chart has the (i) activity part and (ii) textual part.
Det gar en liklukt genom manskolivet, Forgiftar varens luft och sommarns praft. Den lukten ar ur graven, det ar givet: Grav muras till, och marmorn stalls pa vakt.
"The really nice thing about our design" said Praft, "is that unlike competitive hydraulic or electric powered models, the John Deere system can be operated manually should computer failure be experienced.