PRAISProgramme for Agricultural Information Services (South Africa)
PRAISPatient/Resident Automated Information System (Virginia)
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Towards him they bend With awful reverence prone; and as a God Extoll him equal to the highest in Heav'n: Nor fail'd they to express how much they prais'd, That for the general safety he despis'd His own: for neither do the Spirits damn'd Loose all thir vertue; least bad men should boast Thir specious deeds on earth, which glory excites, Or close ambition varnisht o're with zeal.
Ms Prais suggested Paterson, who has had mental health difficulties, could be given a community payback order which would allow him to "address his issues".
However, with reassurance from Mr Prais about the benefits that the additional software could bring, I upgraded and would now never go back.
Counsel Edgar Prais QC asks Mr Carroll if he knew why he had been asked to remove the items.
Even more remarkable, Prais observed, this enormous improvement had occurred in only one year, between the 1999 administration of TIMSS-R and the 2000 administration of PISA.
Mr Prais, acting for McKenzie, said: "My motion is for my Lord to disqualify himself from sitting in this court in this trial.
Mr Prais said Smith's involvement was not out of any attraction to direct action but out of a genuine concern for the social and political well-being of others.
A recent reply by Prais (1998) raises three concerns about our article: a) teachers should not decide simply whether to group or not to group pupils but consider how to divide their time among a variety of teaching styles including within-class grouping; b) there may be other organisational features of classrooms that are more important than within-class grouping; and c) we have "seriously mis-summarised our findings" (p.
While their experiences may be very different--from optometrist-come-eyewear and accessories designer, Sarah Peaceful, to practitioners-come-practice and patient management programme experts, Michael Prais and Peter Noakes--each have something in common: they have stepped out of the testing room with a shared desire to better the wider profession.
Lili Prais, defending, told the High Court in Livingston the accused was drunk on the day of the offence after taking alcohol for the first time.
Defence QC Edgar Prais said: "This whole tragedy began with a silly fight, a disagreement in a children's play park when Anderson was acting as babysitter."
Defence lawyer Edgar Prais QC also defended Darleen Zavaroni, who was jailed for killing her lover Allan Osbourne.