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Had not Camilla, however, been informed beforehand by Lothario that this love for Chloris was a pretence, and that he himself had told Anselmo of it in order to be able sometimes to give utterance to the praises of Camilla herself, no doubt she would have fallen into the despairing toils of jealousy; but being forewarned she received the startling news without uneasiness.
"Even did she know her," returned Lothario, "I would hide nothing, for when a lover praises his lady's beauty, and charges her with cruelty, he casts no imputation upon her fair name; at any rate, all I can say is that yesterday I made a sonnet on the ingratitude of this Chloris, which goes thus:
O Father, gracious was that word which clos'd Thy sovran sentence, that Man should find grace; For which both Heav'n and Earth shall high extoll Thy praises, with th' innumerable sound Of Hymns and sacred Songs, wherewith thy Throne Encompass'd shall resound thee ever blest.
Despite all the changes and developments that occurred in Arabic poetry and meaning and concept, and extensive intellectual evolution witnessed in the Abbasid era, praise technique didn't be outside the circle of Arabic poetry and didn't weak.
Finding a good balance between showing love via praise and giving opportunities to make mistakes without reprisal will help build healthy self-value.
The Praise Ball promotes better health by encouraging children to play outside and reap the benefits of sunshine and fresh air.
The researcher reviewed various studies from the field of motivational psychology indicating that praise for a student's efforts function differently than praise for their talent or natural ability.
Researchers from Southampton University said that inflated praise may put too much pressure on children with low self-esteem.
| Katy Treharne The event has been running for 24 years and audiences will be entertained by the 200-voice St David's Praise choir, Cambrensis and the St David's Praise Symphony Orchestra.
One evidence-based component of PBS is praise. Praise is an effective means of engaging students in the learning process when it is specific, applied immediately, and varied according to the situation and student being reinforced (Brophy, 1981).
But there's a difference between honor and praise. Honor happens in community.