PRAJAPenal Reform and Justice Association (est. 1996; India)
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By providing support for the leading messaging infrastructures, we deliver capabilities that let end-users visually explore and correlate real-time and historical activities," said Mark Hellinger, president and CEO of PRAJA.
PRAJA BAM packages provide jump-start domain specific functionality with a host of tools for rapid customization.
Using ExperienceWare, our partners can deploy enterprise information access solutions that let customers reach across structured, unstructured, and sensory data to quickly and easily visualize complex relationships and make needed adjustments," said Mark Hellinger, PRAJA CEO.
He will drive the organization's marketing, sales and partnership strategies and focus on much needed operational processes to deliver products to market," said PRAJA Chairman, C.
Before joining PRAJA, Van Sleen was senior vice president of finance and administration at Diversa Corp.
They'll be able to share information with friends, purchase tickets and shop for related merchandise," said PRAJA Business Development Manager Joe Kosco.
FANSlive uses a customized interface from PRAJA that provides live real- time college sports coverage via the Internet utilizing an event's official stats.
The support and infrastructure offered by CBSI's Bangalore E-center has been paramount to the success in developing the PRAJA Event Suite, which is the product we've developed to manage and experience event content through our patented technologies for integrating video, audio, text and event information," said Dr.
CBSIndia's vast engineering resources will be called upon to test and expand the functionality of upcoming PRAJA products.
PRAJA EMS is a new platform that enhances users' event experiences and enables Web developers to streamline the effort and resources needed to create and maintain event listings and compelling event-related content.
We're growing so rapidly and Michael's experience with successfully directing fast paced organizations will be invaluable," said PRAJA Chief Executive Officer Ramesh Jain.
Prahalad, one of the world's foremost business strategists, officially took on a day-to-day operational role at PRAJA inc.