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PRAMSPregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System
PRAMSPuerto Rico Air Management Services (est. 2004)
PRAMSPine Rivers Aeronautical Model Society (Australia)
PRAMSPassenger Reservation And Manifesting System
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The 4Moms Origami is the latest in pram technology, which puts itself up and down with a touch of a button.
"Our customers tell us that it is more than just our range of prams, pushchair, bedding, furniture and Christening wear that brings them back - it is the service.
But on April 15 - the first time the new pram had been left in their car overnight - David and Laura said they were shocked to find thieves had struck again.
Official figures reveal thousands of pram thefts but further research from comparison site shows that very few cases are reported to the police.
The study concluded that babies could be exposed to up to 60% more of the pollutants than who is taking them out in their pram.
If it was sunny, there'd be a large fringed sunshade propped over baby and if it rained the pram's hood would be fixed up with its strong arms and the apron firmly fastened over the front.
A pram with a view was still a must-have in the early 1970s when Germany came out with their own version of with a window on each side as well as one in the direction of travel.
The pram manufacturers know this full well, and, if proof were needed, you only have to consider that Silver Cross has actually created a model called the 'Aston Martin Fold Surf'.
Prams are pricey and it's just asking for them to be stolen.
Just before the bus got to the city's Holburn Street, the mum stood up to take the brake off the pram as she got ready to get off at the next stop.
Prams have been banned from a children's centre for health and safety reasons