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PRANCEPagan Resource and Network Council of Educators (Salem, Massachusetts)
PRANCEPegasus Riding Association Nurturing Challenged Equestrians (Canada)
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Prance is deeply concerned at the way that illegal mining, timber exploitation and deforestation threaten the forest.
8220;Jason Prance does a great job of sharing his ideas and perspectives in a unique way,” says Swarm CEO, Tom Ellis.
Soaring nearly 20 feet, these enormous figures (120 in all) dramatically prance, dance and interact with Epcot guests to the sounds of an original musical score and to the beat of 15 gigantic percussion units in twice-daily performances.
Wealthy retired businessman Edward Prance had a long-term affair with widow Ann Rowe and suggested that they buy a yacht together and sail off around the world for two years.
I have to admit that it usually looks rather odd for women (I have yet to see a man do it), often dressed in diaphanous robes, to prance balletically around the church, and I know I'm not alone in that assessment.
Through it all (and for reasons known only to the director and perhaps the criminally insane), inmates prance and flounce across the screen in gauzy dresses and picture hats.
As soon as you've strapped on the virtual reality helmet, you'll have license to trot out the same old products year after year and pretend you're still on the cutting edge; spend money like a maharajah, yet act like a man of the people; and prance around giving speeches about things you know nothing about as if you really had a chance to be the next president of the U.
Night mares prance brilliantly against a background of black sky and glowing stars to light our way to a time long-forgotten.
Carol Prance, who also needs regular dialysis treatment after suffering chronic renal failure, said she was "appalled" at the length of time it took paramedics to reach her home in Cilfynydd, near Pontypridd.
a full service interactive marketing agency specializing in Conversion Marketing, SEO and Social Marketing, announced today the appointment of their new Director of Digital Strategy, Jason Prance.
Adults Behaving Strangely We were outside a pub waiting for the dance, The morris dancers were due to prance, We love to see these dancers in form, Looked forward to seeing them soon perform.
I'd prance around in her room belting tunes out into a hairbrush.