PRAPPylos Regional Archaeological Project (est. 1990; Department of Classics; University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, OH)
PRAPProposed Remedial Action Plan
PRAPPRL (Prolactin) Receptor-Associated Protein
PRAPPacific Regional Agricultural Programme
PRAPPersonnel Reliability Assurance Program (US Air Force)
PRAPPacbitun Regional Archaeology Project (Belize)
PRAPPacific Regional Action Plan (sustainable water management)
PRAPPlanning Reporting and Analysis Pack
PRAPPray Read and Pray
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You worship at the shrine of the established," he told her once, in a discussion they had over Praps and Vanderwater.
He did not love her for what she thought of Praps and Vanderwater and English professors, and he was coming to realize, with increasing conviction, that he possessed brain-areas and stretches of knowledge which she could never comprehend nor know existed.
Another and another day went by; then there was a report got around that praps he was murdered.
The ethyl acetate fraction exhibited remarkable activity in the FRAP experiment, whereas the methanol extract had the highest value in PRAP assay among the tested samples.
93) Yet a third trajectory can be traced in the southwestern zone, where, in UMME's estimation, the number of sites drops only from 26 to 22 (Table 2), and, in the overall PRAP study region, from sixteen to fifteen.
PRAP Japan President and CEO Satoshi Sugita says that while Japan as a PR market is somewhat different from other countries, there are more similarities than differences, "If you can capitalize on the similarities, using techniques that have worked in campaigns elsewhere, it is possible to consider those for adaptation in Japan.
by Epaminondas and his alliance of anti-Spartan states, the Messenians become "visible" again, in an outburst of civic foundation and monumental display--most famously at Messene, northeast of the PRAP study area--and through the crafting and promulgation of local histories.
10) Their argument has received support from archaeological and archival evidence collected by PRAP that indicates that early-19th-century travelers' reports of a desolate coastal landscape are deceptive and cannot be relied upon.
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She dere looking bout to see what happen to di world, if praps someting, or smaddy come and be wid her.
Component 1 will adhere to the following intervention principles: (i) as deemed appropriate based on needs, cover part or the entire spectrum of the targeted value chains under both traditional and improved sedentary livestock systems; (ii) complement PRAPS activities as regards pastoral systems; and (iii) capitalize on relevant lessons learnt under the Bank - funded PAPSA, PAFASP and WAAPP projects.