PRAPPylos Regional Archaeological Project (est. 1990; Department of Classics; University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, OH)
PRAPProposed Remedial Action Plan
PRAPPRL (Prolactin) Receptor-Associated Protein
PRAPPacific Regional Agricultural Programme
PRAPPersonnel Reliability Assurance Program (US Air Force)
PRAPPacbitun Regional Archaeology Project (Belize)
PRAPPacific Regional Action Plan (sustainable water management)
PRAPPlanning Reporting and Analysis Pack
PRAPPray Read and Pray
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"You worship at the shrine of the established," he told her once, in a discussion they had over Praps and Vanderwater.
He did not love her for what she thought of Praps and Vanderwater and English professors, and he was coming to realize, with increasing conviction, that he possessed brain-areas and stretches of knowledge which she could never comprehend nor know existed.
Another and another day went by; then there was a report got around that praps he was murdered.
In order to perform PRAP assays on the samples, each dilution was mixed 10% phosphomolybdic acid solution in ethanol (w/v) [22].
Prachum phongsawadan lem 48, (prachum phongsawadan phak thi 77-78) prap ngieo, ton thi 2 [Royal chronicles volume 48 (Royal chronicles parts 77-78) Suppression of the Shan, part 2], Bangkok: Khuru Sapha, 19706.
The ascites fluid demonstrated malignant cells that immunostained with cytokeratin AE1/AE3, CAM 5.2, CK7, and prostatic acid phosphatase (PRAP) (Fig.
Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) Prostate Risk Assessment Program (PRAP): PA Department of Health Grant no.
With: Kim Kold, Elsebeth Steentoft, Lamaiporn Sangmanee Hougaard, David Winters, Sukunya Mongkol, Jonathan Winters, Allan Mogensen, Suldanya Suwan, Barbara Zatler, Songporn Na Bangchang, Paweena Im-Erb, Prap Poramabhuti.
(13) Lawman is a translation of mue prap, not to be confused with mue pun, meaning hired gun or assassin, an alliterative twinning that makes Thai so much fun to hear.
With bold illustrations and a kid-friendly design, author-illustrator Lila Prap guides young readers toward an answer to that question in "Dinosaurs?!" Ultimately the answer is yes, explains Prap in a double-page spread about archaeopteryx, a half-bird, half-dinosaur "from which all modern-day birds evolved." The spread about archaeopteryx is the culmination, near the end of the book, of about a dozen spreads that depict a host of dinosaurs.