PRASMPassenger Revenue per Available Seat Mile
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Management expects year-over-year PRASM to rebound in March based on current booking trends and the Easter/Passover holiday shift into March from April this year.
For now, the strategy seems to be working as evidenced in updated guidance as LCC's average cost for jet fuel for the first quarter is actually lower than the hedged carriers and recent PRASM trends have also been favorable.
Shown below are the year-over-year PRASM changes each month in the first quarter of 2009 for United along with a comparison to the combined Air Transport Association (ATA) carriers.
Commenting on the airline's revenue performance, Tim Griffin, Northwest's executive vice president of marketing and distribution said, "We are pleased with our strong third quarter consolidated PRASM growth of 8.
For fourth quarter 2014, PRASM is estimated to have increased in the one to two percent range, as compared with fourth quarter 2013.
The company's December PRASM growth was greater than originally expected due to strong yields and traffic throughout the month.
5% compared to December 2009, while mainline PRASM increased by an estimated 8.
For fourth quarter 2014, the Company currently estimates PRASM will increase in the one to two percent range, as compared to fourth quarter 2013.
0 percent year over year driven by continued strength in domestic markets, which offset an estimated 1 point of negative PRASM pressure from the impact of events in Russia, the Middle East and Africa.
The first number to jump out of the investor update was the expected PRASM (passenger revenue per available seat mile) decrease of 1-2% for Q3.
This increase includes one point of estimated PRASM benefit from January 2014's storms.