PRBDProjektowanie Relacyjnych Baz Danych (Polish: Designing Relational Databases)
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Characteristics of RBD in Patients with pRBD Screened Using Mayo Sleep Questionnaire.
Analysis of the Association of LED, pRBD, H&Y Stage, Hypotension, and Motor Fluctuation.
The three factors pRBD, LED, and H&Y stage were included into the orthostatic hypotension model as Table 4.
Prevalence and Demographic Data of pRBD. The prevalence of pRBD in the PD subjects of this study was 48.5%; among this, 30% was newly diagnosed through the interview using the adapted Mayo Clinic Sleep Questionnaire.
Comparison of Clinical Characteristics between PD with pRBD and PD without pRBD.
The multivariate analysis to explore relationship between pRBD, LED, and orthostatic hypotension found that pRBD is an independent factor associated with symptomatic orthostatic hypotension after adjust for age, H&Y, and daily dose levodopa.
Meanwhile the association of pRBD with motor fluctuation is confounded by the higher LED and H&Y stage.
Our study cannot conclude whether pRBD associates with more advanced diseases since there was no statistically significant difference in the duration of the disease and the proportion of patients with advanced H&Y stage between the two groups.