PRBOPoint Reyes Bird Observatory
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(1.) PRBO Conservation Science, 3820 Cypress Drive #11, Petaluma, California 94954, USA; present address: Audubon Alaska, 441 West Fifth Avenue, Suite 300, Anchorage, Alaska 99501, USA;
Using data collected at thousands of locations across California, the PRBO scientists project current and future statewide distributions for 64 bird species using climate models developed at UC Santa Cruz.
PRBO and NPS used public presentations, flyers, bird festivals, school programs, signs, and magazine articles to effectively deliver these messages to the audiences.
Written by Kacie Ehrenberger (, Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory), Ashley Dayer (Cornell Lab of Ornithology), Jennie Duberstein (Sonoran Joint Venture), and Melissa Pitkin (PRBO Conservation Science) with contributions from other partners in the Bird Education Alliance for Conservation (BEAC).
For ornithologists, a stint at PRBO's Farallon field station is a sort of feathered heaven.
But since 1987, PRBO biologists and other shark scientists have been conducting cutting-edge research on the Farallones' sharks.
PRBO began conducting surveys of pinnipeds at the South Farallon Islands in 1971.
Counts conducted by PRBO since the 1970s targeted only the South Farallon Islands, whereas CDFG counts included the South and North Farallon Islands.
PRBO found pronounced age effects during years of poor fish availability, with significantly smaller C eggs and low fledging success for young (inexperienced) parents (Sydeman et al.
The Palomarin site serves as the educational heart of PRBO. Top draw for visitors is its network of 20 mist nets, fine mesh strung in 14 locations around the 198-acre site.
Rhinoceros Auklets are believed to be monogamous (Richardson 1961; Leschner 1976; PRBO unpublished data), and they generally breed in the same crevice or burrow, year after year.