PRBPPlasma Retinol Binding Protein
PRBPPrivate Rental Brokerage Program (Family Access Network; Australia)
PRBPPacific Rim Bankers Program (University of Washington Business School; Seattle, Washington)
PRBPPseudo-Random Bit Pattern
PRBPPacific Revolution Back Pack (hiking products)
PRBPPrecursor Ribose-Binding Protein
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The main role of the synthetic complex cyclin E/Cdk2 is to phosphorylate pRBp to pRBpp, followed by phosphorylation of p27 to degrade, and when p27 is degraded, the cells cross the G1/S test point and enter the S period.
Its synthesis is mainly affected by E2F activation, while being inhibited by pRBp with degradation of APC-PCdc20.
It is mainly suppressed by pRBp. It can be degraded by APCCdh1.
Growth factor, GF, promotes the expression of cyclin D and cyclin D with cdk4-6 (cycl-independent kinases) and phosphorylates pRB to pRBp, and with the decrease of PRB, E2F and cyclin E begin synthesizing.