PRCAIPublic Relations Consultants Association of India
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Representing 20 of the top PR consultancies in India, PRCAI will undertake a number of activities through 2009 to enhance the significance of communications as a key tool in stakeholder management.
The PRCAI will continue to work with its member-agencies to develop the talent in the industry and promote ethical standards in PR services.
The PRCAI is committed to its mission to: 'Consistently Benchmark our Standards, Knowledge, Ethics and Expertise with the Best in the World; Encourage and Promote Progression of the Public Relations Industry in India, while Endorsing the Effectiveness of Professional and Ethical Services'.
At its AGM members of the PRCAI clearly underlined the need to raise the bar on standards and ethical best practices for all consultancies.
The PRCAI has already set up a committee and its base guidelines spell out norms on transparency, conduct and norms.
PRCAI has 3 Key Committees, which are: Professional Practices Committee, Standards Committee and Marketing Committee.
In addition, PRCAI offers its members services in the areas of: Professional Codes, Consultancy Management Standards, Regional Networks, International Information and knowledge sharing with links, Referrals, Industry placements, Guidance papers, business support, Seminars and Conferences, Education & training and Research and surveys.