PRCDProgressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (retinal disease)
PRCDPortable Residual Current Device
PRCDPolicy Research and Coordination Directorate (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada)
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With the CD Jazz at the Pawnshop (Prophone PRCD 7778), and other well-recorded music, such as the LP Delightful for Dancing by Larry Elgart and his Orchestra (RCA CSP-124), there were no audible differences between the Celeste and my Carver-Parasound preamp-power amp combination.
Cut from the original Boston production, "Miracle Song," as a duet, is among the numerous Blitzstein songs under Lehrman's direction recorded on A Blitzstein Cabaret (Premier Recordings PRCD 1005 [1990], CD), and is the version included in the Songbook.
Favorite Christmas Music: Cantate Domino (Proprius PROP 7762, LP; PRCD 7762, CD) Only half the album (the second half) can be classified as Christmas music, but all of it falls under the church choir and organ category.