PRCFPeople Resources and Conservation Foundation
PRCFPôle de Renaissance Communiste en France
PRCFPowder River Correctional Facility (Oregon)
PRCFPlutonium Recycle Critical Facility
PRCFPay Rate Control File
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(11) Lighter-skinned Puerto Ricans, who were apparently integrating into life on the white side of the color line, often heard, "You don't look Puerto Rican" (PRCF 2009).
Job discrimination, being reprimanded for speaking Spanish in public places, and being called "Spic" are among the memories Puerto Ricans hold about their experiences in the Orlando area in the 1980s and onward (PRCF 2009).
Aside from the generalized claim to be looking for better quality of life, reasons for relocating to Orlando from both Puerto Rico and prior diaspora communities have included following family members who have already moved; looking for safer and quieter spaces to live and raise children; getting away from northern winters; pursuing education opportunities; following job offers or the belief in better employment opportunities; and coming for a Disney vacation, seeing the growing Puerto Rican community, and deciding to stay (Duany and Matos-Rodriguez 2006; PRCF 2009).
The LeGrand family oral history (cited above, PRCF 2009) reported that a large number of their relatives have relocated to the Orlando area from Massachusetts.
For the PRCF, the failure of the PCF was due to the fact that it had cut itself off from its ideological moorings, and it was time for communism in France to rediscover the energetic conviction that had once defined it by returning to the past, both symbolically and discursively.
Patients that are determined to be candidates and who are either indigent or have insufficient funding for LTx are referred to the PRCF. After the transplant evaluation is completed, the patients are referred to LLHCI and the referrals are reviewed by the transplant surgeon (AA).
Access for these patients dramatically changed after establishment of the PRCF in 1996.