PRCPPacific Rim College of Psychiatrists (conference)
PRCPPresident of the Royal College of Physicians
PRCPPractice Ripcord Pull
PRCPProgram for Renewal of Certification in Pediatrics (American Board of Pediatrics)
PRCPPolluted Runoff Control Program (Hawaii State Department of Health; Honolulu, HI)
PRCPProgram Resources Collection Process (US DoD)
PRCPPurchaser Road Credit Program (USDA Forest Service)
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Researchers found that blocking the PRCP enzyme keeps the alpha-MSH peptides from being degraded, resulting in higher levels of alpha-MSH and decreased appetite.
The study was conducted in congenic mice that were naturally lean and later in mice that had PRCP removed.
PRCP's investment goal is to generate exceptional returns by identifying true value-added investment opportunities where PRCP can generate its targeted returns by acquiring assets at an attractive basis while utilizing conservative operating assumptions.
The goal of the PRCP is to codify and streamline existing processes for screening, aggregating, and assessing the commercialization potential of research discoveries.
Designed to ultimately identify new venture creation opportunities (at universities, research centers, or private companies), the PRCP offers benefits to both the WIMS ERC researchers and Zell Lurie's MBA students alike, providing key resources and learning opportunities at the initial stages of the research commercialization process for identifying new venture creation potential -- before the research goes to the business planning stage.
With over $750M in total research dollars, the top-ranked University of Michigan research is the starting point for the PRCP program, and the Zell Lurie Institute is planning to roll it out to a larger audience of other universities, research centers and private companies in the coming months.
By codifying these early stages of the commercialization process, the PRCP hopes to increase the number of future such spinout successes.