PRCVPorcine Respiratory Coronavirus (also seen as PRC)
PRCVPacked Red Cell Volume
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PRCV has a 224-aa deletion at positions 21-244 in the N terminal region, which is needed for the enteric tropism of TGEV and comprises antigenic sites C and B (13-15), of S1 compared with TGEV.
This new route allows us the opportunity to expand group sales efforts against their aggressive competition," said Ana Maria Viscasillas, President and CEO of the PRCV.
The pigs, obtained from a high health status herd (Sunnyside Colony LTD, Sunnyside, Manitoba), had preexisting antibodies against PRCV, likely of maternal origin (4), which decreased during the experiment, as determined by competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay performed by the Veterinary Services Branch of Manitoba Agriculture and Food.