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PRDPartido de la Revolución Democrática (Party of the Democratic Revolution)
PRDPearl River Delta (China)
PRDPearl River Delta
PRDPartido Revolucionario Dominicano (Republica Dominicana)
PRDDemocratic Revolutionary Party (Mexico)
PRDPartido Revolucionario Democrático (Spanish: Democratic Revolutionary Party; Panamanian political group)
PRDPhysical Review D (American Physical Society journal of particles, fields, gravitation, & cosmology)
PRDPlanned Residential Development
PRDPrinter Driver (File Name Extension)
PRDPressure Relief Devices
PRDProduct Requirements Document
PRDDemocratic Renewal Party
PRDParti Radical-Democratique Suisse (Radical Free Democratic Party Switzerland)
PRDPrice Related Differential (measure of assessment regressivity or progressivity in real estate appraisal)
PRDPresidential Review Directive
PRDProjected Rotation Date
PRDDemocratic Renovation Party (Cape Verde)
PRDProgressive Retinal Degeneration
PRDProvidence Roller Derby (Rhode Island; est. 2004)
PRDProgram Reference Document
PRDPhysical Region Descriptor
PRDPublic Relation Department (various nations)
PRDPersonal Radiation Dosimeter
PRDParti de la Réforme et du Développement (French: Reform and Development Party, Morocco)
PRDPerformance Requirements Document
PRDPrint Reflectance Difference
PRDPunk Rock Domestics
PRDPseudo-Random Downstream (Sequence)
PRDPrimary Retinal Dysplasia
PRDPhase Review Discipline
PRDProject Reference Data
PRDPartners in Rural Development (Canada)
PRDPersonnel Research Division
PRDPosition Requirement Document (civilian personnel)
PRDPersonal Radiation Device
PRDPay Roll Deduction
PRDPersonal Representative's Deed
PRDProton Recoil Detection
PRDProject Requirements Directive
PRDPerformance Rate Distribution
PRDPassive Restraint Discount (insurance)
PRDPredicted Range of the Day
PRDProgram/Procurement Requirement(s) Document
PRDProjected Resource Demand
PRDPilot Reported Discrepancy
PRDPhase Reflection Diagram
PRDPrimary Requirements Document
PRDPatient Record Database
PRDPost Race Depression
PRDPattern Recognition Device
PRDPerformance Review Description
PRDPolytechnic Research and Development Company
PRDPublic Records Division (various locations)
PRDPublic Records Data
PRDPolicy Research Division (various organizations)
PRDPersonnel Rotation Date (US DoD)
PRDPercentage RMS (Root-Mean-Square) Difference (biomedical engineering)
PRDProduction Rule Dialect (computing)
PRDParks and Recreation Division (various locations)
PRDPress Release Distribution
PRDParks and Recreation Department (various locations)
PRDProduct Research and Development (various organizations)
PRDPublic Relations Division (various organizations)
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Ebrard should not have been surprised that the PRD decided to leave him off the list of candidates, given that the scandal surrounding his handling of the construction of Linea 12 of the Mexico City subway system was a significant black mark.
Reviews by PRD provide in-depth analyses that brush upon a PR distributor's distribution reach, customer support, features and benefits, editorial review timeframes, social media services and pricing structure.
Culiolis believes, however, that an alliance with the PRD would improve his party's chances in the 2014 elections, which is why his faction has decided to support PRD candidate Juan Carlos Navarro.
The union claims that assessing performance is something teachers do "instinctively and intuitively" - and having to record PRD would limit their time spent with children.
The success of the PRD is due to the creativity and commitment of partners in County Durham to work together to reduce youth crime.
The deal will safeguard the 370 jobs at PRD and could lead to more jobs being created in the future, the company said.
Moreover, they complained that the expatriate vote -- the first ever in a presidential election -- was too cumbersome and cost the PRD votes.
During our initial training, we asked what the outcome of a PRD scenario would be if the prop did not go to full feather; the answer was vague.
During the 1990s, AMLO twice stood unsuccessfully for the governorship of Tabasco and then moved to Mexico City, where he became a leader in the PRD as it challenged the dictatorship of Carlos Salinas de Gortari.
The PRD, which hoped to capitalize on the popularity of its likely 2006 presidential candidate, Mexico City Mayor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, finished third, with 24.
Radhames Abreu, the husband of leading PRD leading pollster and full-time re-election political advisor Ana Maria Acevedo, will hold the position from May 25 through Aug.