PRDBPolicy Routing Data Base
PRDBProblem Reporting Database
PRDBProgram-Read Data Bus (computing)
PRDBPakistan Research Database
PRDBPayment Research Data Base
PRDBPost-Relational Database (data management)
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Phenol red dextrose broth (PRDB) was tested as a potential metabolic inhibition test (MIT) and selective medium, when supplemented with antibiotics to differentiate bacterial phenotypes.
The mixed culture was used as an inoculum for three microfuge tubes of PRDB supplemented with nalidixic acid and streptomycin.
The wash consisted of PRDB supplemented with nalidixic acid and ampicillin.
In earlier studies (Adamo, 1996) PRDB was used in a MIT to determine the titer of bacteriophage.
The results of experiments designed to detect transconjugants using PRDB and antibiotic supplements are shown in Table III.
coli x1997, utilizing PRDB supplemented with nalidixic acid and ampicillin 4 and 6 hours after feeding on the MJ100 strain of E.
(2.)"Pill": += pill; - = no pill (14,000 RPM for 5 min) Metabolic inhibition test (MIT) utilizing phenol red dextrose broth (PRDB).
Detection of transconjugants utilizing the phenol red dextrose broth (PRDB) metabolic inhibition test (MIT).