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PRDHPort Reitz District Hospital (India)
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During the 1920s, the PRDH collected additional health-related data and compiled statistics, including those for TB.
Implementation of a sample transport system and establishment of alternative reporting methods allowed PRDH to reinitiate diagnostic testing and laboratory surveillance and helped guide patient and public health interventions.
In December 2015, the Puerto Rico Department of Health (PRDH) reported the first locally acquired case of Zika virus infection and as of July 29, 2016, 5572 cases have been confirmed [41].
Moreover, they expressed the opinion that the population of Puerto Rico is too large for the PRDH to conduct these house visits.
The system's conversion and maintenance have become the overriding concerns of a PRDH with diminished prevention resources that depend on federal funding.
PrPpr = incremento proporcional del gasto de atencion de un parto prematuro PrDH = riesgo de prematuridad debido a la DH en la poblacion [5]
The PRDH declared the end of the epidemic on 5 June 2017, because "there have been only about 10 cases of Zika reported in every four-week period since mid-April." More precisely, the arboviral disease surveillance reports showed 12 or 13 confirmed Zika cases in the four-week periods ending 22 April to 6 May; thereafter, 6-10 cases until the period ending 24 June, 2-3 cases until 12 August, and none to 17 March (week 11) 2018, the last report available at this writing (4).
*, ([dagger]), ([section]) PRDH has widely disseminated information to the public regarding avoiding mosquito bites to prevent Zika virus infection.
In May 2017, when only 10 new cases of Zika were reported in the island, the PRDH declared an automatic end of the epidemic.
Given potential additional exposures, PRDH and CDC undertook contact investigations among additional community and family members (N = 32) and hospital personnel (N = 39) to identify persons who required PEP After the contact investigations, two additional family members and two hospital staff members received PEP.