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These developments reduced the Puerto Rico Farm Labor Program to less than half from 12,700 workers in 1974 to 5600 in 1975 (PRDL n.d.; see appendix 1 and Graph 1).
Three laminae depart from the diapophysis: i) the posterior centroparapophyseal lamina (pcpl), posteriorly directed; ii) a subhorizontal and posterior one, the postzygodiapophyseal lamina (podl); and iii) a subhorizontal and anterior one, the prezygodiapophyseal lamina (prdl).
A cursory survey of the Post-Reformation Digital Library (PRDL) of material relevant to the editorial vision of the Journal of Markets & Morality shows, for instance, a significant swath of material from a variety of confessional and philosophical traditions in the early modern period.