PRDMPolis Raja Di Malaysia (Malaysian political group)
PRDMPanasonic Refrigeration Devices Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
PRDMPineal Restrictive Downstream Module (endocrinology)
PRDMProbability of Detecting Multiple Paternity
PRDMPartial Redundant Distributed Meta (computing)
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Among the variables related to root formation, PRDM (first order root) did not differ between treatments, while the SRDM (fine roots) of plants produced in S1 was on average five times higher when compared to substrates S2, S3 and S4.
The second principal component showed weak correlations between the analyzed variables, except in relation to the variable PRDM (Table 3).
The variables were separated into three response groups, the first encompassing substrate S3 (quadrant 3), which is influencing the PRDM production.
The PRDM, originally commissioned in 2011, is used by municipalities, agencies, designers and developers, as a planning tool to ensure the creation of sufficient numbers of public spaces.
One of the PRDM's objectives is to ensure there is a maximum distance of 350m to the nearest Public Open Space (POS), which include parks, sports facilities, accessible waterfronts and playgrounds.
F values, significances, coefficients of variation and average of characteristics phosphorus accumulation in the aerial part dry matter (PDMAP), phosphorus content in the tuberous root dry matter (PRDM), the total accumulation of phosphorus in the plant dry matter (TPDM) according to phosphorus doses.
The PRDM is an essential planning tool that will help the Emirate achieve its vision for the future.
The software incorporates more of the UPC's manuals, including the Abu Dhabi Utility Corridors Design Manual (UCDM), the Abu Dhabi Public Realm Design Manual (PRDM) and the Estidama Pearl Rating System (PRS), into one tool to make urban street design quicker and more efficient.
Furthermore, UPC's participation at Cityscape will also be used as a platform for the official public launch - following the media launch last week - of its Public Realm Design Manual (PRDM).