PRDSParti Républicain Démocratique et Social (French: Democratic and Social Republican Party, Mauritania)
PRDSPitt-Rogers-Danks Syndrome
PRDSPatient Record Data Systems (Tennessee Department of Health)
PRDSPanasonic Refrigeration Devices Singapore Pte. Ltd.
PRDSPetroleum Resources Development Secretariat (Sri Lanka)
PRDSPeachtree Rainbow Deaf Society, Inc.
PRDSPressure Reducing and Desuperheating Station
PRDSPeninsula Regional Data Services
PRDSPercentage Relative Standard Deviation
PRDSPratyaksha Raksha Deiva Sabha
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Development of the Pulmonary Respiratory Decisional Score (PRDS).
We performed a systematic review of the PR literature for COPD identifying patients with specific characteristics and who respond well to PR and prepared a preliminary draft (PRDS) of a priority PR prescription based on a scoring of different items and "cut-offs."
PRDS has concluded its 9-month project humanitarian capacity building for strengthening Disaster Management System in District Charsadda that was funded by Oxfam Novib.
Program Officer of PRDS Arjumand Shah told media persons, the project has been designed to raise the voices and strengthen the capacity of local vulnerable communities, community based organizations (CBOs), women organizations, local NGOs and responsible district officials.
PRDs are small devices that can be worn on a bolt or in a pocket.
RIIDs are larger than PRDs, varying in size from half a pound to backpack-based systems weighing up to 25 pounds.
As the number of sorties increases, PRDs should also increase.
The Navy Personnel Command will adjust projected rotation dates (PRD) based on the length of a Sailor's remaining tour.