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PREPura Raza Española (Spanish: pure Spanish breed)
PREPacific Recycling Exchange
PREPartido Roldosista Ecuatoriano (Spanish: Ecuadorian Roldosist Party)
PREPartial Redundancy Elimination (compiler optimization)
PREProportional Reduction in Error (statistics)
PREPitting Resistance Equivalent
PREProgesterone Response Element (biochemistry)
PREParty of Renewal and Equity (Morocco)
PREProstitution Research & Education
PREPersistent-Radical Effect (chemistry)
PREPreliminary Risk Evaluation
PREProgram Related Engineering
PREProcess Risk Evaluation
PREPackage Responsible Engineer
PREPublic Reported Escape (UK, gas industry)
PREPassive Resistance Exercise
PREPolice Régionale d'État (French: Regional Police State)
PREPermanently Reinvested Earnings (finance)
PREProgressive Resistive Exercise
PREPreformatted Text (HTML)
PREPre-Retirement Education
PREPhysical Review E (American Physical Society journal of statistical, linear, & soft-matter physics)
PREPerformance Routing Engine