PRE2Production Rate of Estradiol (estrogen)
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Between the sets (during recovery) the increase of [La] became significantly lower in training progression ([DELTA]post1 to pre2 > [DELTA]post2 to pre3; p = 0.003).
(NYSE: MSCI) said it has launched the new Barra Private Real Estate Model (PRE2), the industry's first global private real estate multi-factor risk model.
The Barra PRE2 model incorporates global private real estate data from IPD, a provider of real estate performance and risk analysis, acquired by MSCI just over a year ago.
Our objectives were to determine the effects of the vrsl.t and Pre2 alleles on five chemical traits (protein, starch, [beta]-glucan, NDF, and ADF contents), investigate the potential for obtaining transgressive lines for the five chemical traits, and determine if additive x additive epistasis (i.e., homozygote x homozygote interaction) and genetic correlations are present for the five chemical traits in a two-row/six-row barley cross.
The effects of the two chromosome segments, one flanked by the vrsl and Pre2 loci and the other by the Srh and Rawl loci, on the five chemical traits were studied by comparing the means and variances of the four marker classes in two by two factorials (Choo, 1983).
When possible, samples were collected I mo before diversion (referred to in the analysis as pre1), immediately before diversion (pre2), immediately after diversion (post1), I mo postdiversion (post2) and 2 mo postdiversion (post3).