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PRECISEPegylated Antibody Fragment Evaluation in Crohn's Disease
PRECISEPhase III Randomized Evaluation of Convection Enhanced Delivery of Il13-Pe38qqr with Survival Endpoint (clinical trial)
PRECISEProspective Randomized Evaluation of Carvedilol in Symptoms and Exercise (clinical trial; cardiology)
PRECISEPetroleum Resource Centre and Information Services
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A memory is "precise" when the occurrences that would verify it are narrowly circumscribed: for instance, "I met Jones" is precise as compared to "I met a man." A memory is "accurate" when it is both precise and true, i.e.
It follows from what has been said that a vague thought has more likelihood of being true than a precise one.
It should be observed that vague beliefs, so far from being necessarily false, have a better chance of truth than precise ones, though their truth is less valuable than that of precise beliefs, since they do not distinguish between occurrences which may differ in important ways.
At what precise moment will the moon present herself in the most favorable position to be reached by the projectile?
Regarding question four , "At what precise moment will the moon present herself in the most favorable position, etc.?"
If then, as appears probable, species first become rare and then extinct -- if the too rapid increase of every species, even the most favoured, is steadily checked, as we must admit, though how and when it is hard to say -- and if we see, without the smallest surprise, though unable to assign the precise reason, one species abundant and another closely allied species rare in the same district -- why should we feel such great astonishment at the rarity being carried one step further to extinction?
By another statute, which passed a few years later in the same reign, the term "frequently," which had alluded to the triennial period settled in the time of Charles II, is reduced to a precise meaning, it being expressly enacted that a new parliament shall be called within three years after the termination of the former.
In much that he said in exaltation of rural life he was but pleading indirectly for that sincerity, that perfect fidelity to one's own inward presentations, to the precise features of the picture within, without which any profound poetry is impossible.
Precise Biometrics (STO:PREC) on Tuesday announced that Precise BioMatch Embedded, the company's algorithm solution for fingerprint recognition in products with small sensors and limited platforms, is integrated in a Kona-i credit card through cooperation with Fingerprint Cards.
The Precise Match-on-Card technology is already used by Thailand, Qatar, Bahrain and Portugal for their ID card programmes.
Under the terms of the agreement, Precise Biometrics' technology will be integrated with the Identity Management Suite from BNX.
The company said Precise BioMatch Mobile is the industry leading algorithm solution for convenient and secure fingerprint recognition on smartphones and tablets.