PREDITProgramme National de Recherche sur Les Transports, dans Les Réseaux de Recherche et d'Innovation Technologiques
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ticket(R), and an innovation award by the PREDIT (French Ministry of Transport).
com)-- The Italian startup ELSE Corp enters into a strategic partnership with PREDIT and Techedge Group
This September marks the beginning of a new strategic technological partnership between the Techedge Group, leader in the IT solutions market, specializing in helping companies to successfully and easily target their business challenges by leveraging information technology as a competitive advantage; PREDIT, a startup whose mission is to design, develop and market business solutions in the fashion industry based on the SAP platform; and ELSE Corp, a Milan based startup in the "Virtual Retail" (no stock retail) and "Virtual Commerce" sector, developing and marketing a cloud platform for the Mass Customization of fashion products in 3D.