PREDOProgram for Research and Development of Ogoni (Nigeria)
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Gestational diabetes occurred in 10.6% of the PREDO participants, and hypertension-spectrum disorders of pregnancy occurred in 8.2%.
The laboratories point to challenges such as "incremental funding for a 'predo' philosophy competing with other needs within constrained funding." Obviously, the National Weapons Laboratories are concerned that UGT readiness will take funds away from their own research and facilities.
Macandog DBM, Predo CD, Rocamora PM (1998) Environmental and economic impacts of land-use change in tropical Imperata areas.
En cambio las sociedades de America Latina se formaron por conquistadores, con una logica de dominio y explotacion mas que de desarrollo equilibrado, y son hoy predo minantemente centralizadas y subdesarrolladas.
The Predo case occurred just at the time that the British public was obsessed with the Jack the Ripper murders.
Byron's lines, "When my last brother droop'd and died/And I lay living by his side," become Zukovskij's "S tex por, kak brat poslednij byl/ Ubit nevolej predo mnoj/ I rjadom s mertvym ja, zivoj, /Terzalsja na polu tjur'my." "Rjadom s mertvym" makes full use of the power inherent in the situation by forcing the reader to perceive vividly its gruesome pathos, as Byron's lines do not.
Next time you pull on to a BP forecourt,lookat the signs and choice of colours the designers use - predo mi -nantly green.
As it applies to remodeling, Predo's Law--known as the 80/20 Rule--says a salesperson is more apt to spend the greatest percentage of time trying to close sales with the hardest-to-close prospects.