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PREFPolish Real Estate Federation (est. 1995)
PREFPulse Repetition Frequency
PREFPriest River Experimental Forest (Rocky Mountain Research Station; Moscow, ID)
PREFParis Real Estate Finders (Paris, France)
PREFPacific Renewable Energy Fund (Micronesia)
PREFPooled Real Estate Fund
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Proof: To prove the first assertion it suffices to show pref [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
If F [subset or equal to] {[xi] : [xi] [member of] [X.sup.[omega]] [omega] pref ([xi]) [subset or equal to] V} and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
All companies offer generous 10% statutory dividend on prefs. Kuban and Smolensk have paid much more in recent years, and should continue this practice due to specific drivers in 2013-2014.
(Tokyo) decided to assemble lapping machines on Saturdays at its sole factory complex at Ashikaga in Tochigi Pref., just south of the ravaged areas.
Under Lloyd, PREF and the town of Plainfield were recently awarded the Local Government Cooperation Award by the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns.
John Hancock Life Protection UL G 121 Super Pref NS
A video revealed what goes on inside the firm's newest facility, which was built underground at Minokamo in Gifu Pref., and inside the Florence, Kentucky, factory.
Girl, 12, found safe in Kanagawa Pref. after being missing since Sat.
....US$600M Pref. Stock Non-cumulative Preferred Stock, Affirmed Ba1
If UFOS pays out 100% of 2012 net income as dividends, both common and pref shareholders would receive R28 ($0.9) per share (if prefs are paid as commons), which offers 26% yield per common and outstanding 47% per pref, respectively.
(Ueda, Nagano Prefecture, Japan) will shut down two of its three domestic factory complexes--at Ueda City and at Yabuki Town, both in Fukushima Pref.--so that it can consolidate production at Kitakami City in Iwate Pref.
(Aikawa, Kanagawa Pref.), known for its tool grinders, where his 30-year-old son, Daisuke, was named successor.