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PREMARINPregnant Mare Urine (also seen as PMU)
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In addition to the Duchess Sanctuary - the facility a few miles northwest of Oakland that will hold a public open house this weekend - the Fund for Animals established the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas, which rescues not only Premarin mares but also a variety of zoo and other exotic animals.
So, when in 2002 the WHI went bust because Premarin [R] and Provera [R] actually increased the risk rather than decreased the risk of cancer and heart attack and stroke, the party line became all hormones were the same.
It is interesting that the WHI study arm using estrogen or Premarin alone found no increase in breast cancer risk.
Second, there are approximately 30 different estrogens in Premarin.
According to a report by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Wyeth sponsored the group's April 2002 elaborate fundraising dinner and donated $250,000 at another special event celebrating the 60th anniversary of Wyeth's hormone replacement drug, Premarin.
A cream containing oestrogen such as Premarin can help a lot, as you know.
The Spirit Ranch orphans are part of a group of foals auctioned off in September to the United Pegasus Foundation, a nonprofit group that has been rescuing Premarin horses and their offspring since 1996.
But after trying non-hormonal options such as black cohosh and vitamin E and enduring three months of hot flash misery, she returned to Premarin, albeit at a lower dose.
To produce Premarin, pregnant mares are confined to stalls eight by three-and-a-half feet for 150-day gestation periods with urine collection devices that can produce infections and lesions.
In 2002, Premarin generated more than $2 billion in sales for Wyeth.