PREMISPreservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies (working group)
PREMISPurdue Registration and Event Management Information System (Purdue University; Indiana)
PREMISPesticide Residue Elimination Management Information Service
PREMISProfessional Real Estate Management Information System
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Like the PREMIS, minor changes were made to the language of the PSSS to best represent ob-gyn practices.
The premis is central character Tom Savage, an ex-Labour minister has been parachuted into a safe North East constituency.
[5] S.Govindasamy Mohd Nurul Haryadie Mazuki Ong Hooi Theng Dan Norrakiah Abdullah Sani Kajian Awal Bagi Menilai Keberkesanan Senarai Semak Pemeriksaan Premis Makanan Berasaskan Risiko Bagi Menjamin Kebersihan Makanan" In 7th Kelantan Health Conference 2011 2011.
The community has proven capable in making new and necessary features--such as the Islandora PREMIS module--available quickly and efficiently.
Tickets include fashion show, DJ, VIP, and specialty drinks by Premis Cognac.
The literature review section will then focus on METS' development since 2001, its recent uses with external schemas such as MODS and PREMIS, and its use with digital audio and visual metadata records.
Furthermore, the premis for this argument emerges from the foundations of existential thinking in Brentano's (1874) concept of intentionality.
TV show "How to Look Good Naked" HappyHR: a wristband that the premis of the show is that calculates continuously the any women can look good naked if amount of calories you burn.
The University Archivist used MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema) to create a schema for describing the newly-acquired, born-digital archival records, while the Web Developer used PREMIS (Preservation Metadata Implementation Strategies) to guide the creation of preservation metadata for the records.
The premis of the stage show is to give fans a glimpse into the dancers' backgrounds and discover what led them to their Strictly 'journey', their stories told and augmented through music, song and dance routines.