PREMISPreservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies (working group)
PREMISPurdue Registration and Event Management Information System (Purdue University; Indiana)
PREMISPesticide Residue Elimination Management Information Service
PREMISProfessional Real Estate Management Information System
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The PREMIS tool demonstrated good internal consistency among the items with a Cronbach's a > 0.
A main example of this is the development of the Islandora PREMIS module, Checksum, and Checksum Checker.
METS is displayed using XML (Extensible Markup Language), and it is especially useful as a wrapper with MODS (Metadata Object Description Schema), Dublin Core, and PREMIS (Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies).
Some institutions may prefer to keep all of the PREMIS metadata together in the METS document which is possible, but the institution will have to decide which subsection of the Administrative Metadata section the PREMIS metadata will be placed in.
Their article describes the work of the PREMIS (Preservation Metadata Implementation Strategies) working group and their attempts to define what is required preservation metadata, and it examines the methods of metadata implementation.
Developed by a working group of the same name, PREMIS commonly refers to a data dictionary that was developed as a specification with the goal of creating an implementable set of "core" preservation metadata elements that has broad applicability within the digital preservation community.
The Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies Working Group, convened by OCLC and RLG, initially developed the PREMIS Data Dictionary to create a set of implementable core preservation metadata elements with broad applicability within the digital preservation community.
In this regard, while the Library has in place what it considers the main building blocks for preservation metadata (that is, schema, data model, tools, and repository) the work of the OCLC/RLG PREMIS project will be crucial to the ongoing implementation of a preservation metadata program (OCLC, 2003b).
PREMIS, "Connecting From Last Mile to First Mile" and "Cypress Connects" are trademarks of Cypress.
PREMIS (Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies) was charged to define a set of semantic units that are implementation independent, practically oriented, and likely to be needed by most preservation repositories.