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PREMISEProductivity in Embedded Software Engineering of Electronics Based Equipment
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Major Premise : Sixty men can do a piece of work sixty times as quickly as one man.
Minor Premise : One man can dig a posthole in sixty seconds; therefore --
"So, as I happen to be in the habit of coming about your premises, you take me into your confidence, don't you?"
Having resolved it into its constituent elements I arranged them in convenient troops and squadrons, and collecting all the forces of my logic bore down upon them from impregnable premises with the thunder of irresistible conclusions and a great noise of chariots and general intellectual shouting.
Aunt Pullet was quite willing to take the shortest means of restoring her premises to order and quiet, and it was not long before Mrs.
"Your Honor," Watson said, "I would suggest that you ask him what he was doing on my premises."
Watson's premises and keep away from this section of the country--"
'Have you, by George!' said Fledgeby; 'I suppose you happen to know whose premises these are?'
The plans are probably there or on the premises somewhere."
Your friend the artist will grant your premises, but deny your conclusion; he will maintain that notwithstanding this formidable list of confessed defects, there is still a something that is divine and unapproachable about the Old Master, and that there is no arguing the fact away by any system of reasoning whatsoever.
For a long time Pelet bore with my frigid demeanour very patiently; he even increased his attentions; but finding that even a cringing politeness failed to thaw or move me, he at last altered too; in his turn he cooled; his invitations ceased; his countenance became suspicious and overcast, and I read in the perplexed yet brooding aspect of his brow, a constant examination and comparison of premises, and an anxious endeavour to draw thence some explanatory inference.
The monster, in terror, had fled the premises forever!