PREMOPresentation Environment for Multimedia Objects (ISO Standard 14478)
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Now Premo has set its sights on increasing sales by 50% over the next two years as well as creating at least 25 more jobs.
Relying largely on census data, notarial records, laws, and legal cases, Premo examines the lives of children in homes, schools, and institutions, arguing that patriarchal authority in the home was replicated in the role of the king (through the colonial courts) as the "father" of all his subjects.
Also relevant is Cassie Premo Steele's chapter on Audre Lorde's search for black motherhood roots which takes her on a journey that uncovers that syncretic cultural influences that affect Lorde's history and her relationship to her own mother (p.
Several majors at CSUN, including mechanical engineering, also now require so many courses that students know from the start that it will take five years to graduate, said Travis Premo, 20, of Reseda, who said 58 GE units were too much.
In Seek Shelter, Courtland Premo and Jennie Marytai Liu slowly unpacked a trunk filled with symbols of home and homelessness.
The 13-year-old won 12 races in Italy from two to five, notably the Premio Umbria and Premo Melton over six furlongs, and he has sired the winners of nearly 100 races in Italy.
But Justice Eugene Premo of the Sixth District of the California Court of Appeal wrote that DeGuzman, 21, could be sentenced for separate counts under separate statutes because he possessed multiple weapons.
BG Gregory Premo, our deputy commanding general, and I pray that you and your families are all safe and that those of you who are deployed will return home safely soon.
To find the answer, check out "Protecting Cityspace" (page 67) by Rita Premo.
Mike Premo as Chairman of the Passenger Travel Services Committee.
We're even tougher on ourselves than our customers are," says Premo manager Charlie Sims, noting that Packard stays within 75% of customers' specifications.
Dean and Bette Premo, scientists with a deeply held concern for the environment.