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Oxaliplatin significantly increased rates of diarrhea without any clinical benefit and is therefore not indicated in combination with radiation therapy in the preop rectal therapy setting," he added.
28 preop hospital admissions: n (%) Table 1 Outcome variables in one-stop cholecystectomy clinic vs.
All programs: HACCP (Hazard processing rooms Analysis Critical Control are kept at Points); GMP (Good 36[degrees] or Manufacturing Practices); below; primary TQC (Total Quality production method Control); SSOP (Standard chops ingredients Operating Procedures); with only one PREOP (Preoperational extrusion process Inspections); PIP for minimum cell (Planned Improvement damage.
In a woman who has a pelvic mass, a preop platelet count of [greater than or equal to] 400 x 103/[micro]L, signifying thrombocytosis, is associated with an increased risk of malignancy.
No longer do we remove fat without preop analysis or merely lift the cheek; we must now lift and fill the face to restore a natural, youthful, and unoperated appearance.
I was at the bedside the evening my father's cardiac surgeon made his preop visit.
Comedy about a preop transsexual who discovers an affair many years earlier had spawned a child.
To bariatric and other residents, Andover Village offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy; dietary education; psychological and group support services; preop and postop care; and discharge planning.
Today's anesthesiologists are on the front line of controlling preop anxiety and postop pain before the surgeon ever picks up a scalpel.
The preop and postop clinical documentation modules went live in November because they involved the same nurses and the same physical area in the hospital.
The reason why I got upset about the tranny chaser question is this: The term tranny chaser usually refers to someone who likes preop (i.