PREPCOMPreparation Communications
PREPCOMPreparedness Command (PrepCom 1 Communications)
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As noted above, "launching" is construed by the ICC elemental PrepCom to include participation in the planning phase of an attack; this type of contribution seems more likely to correspond to the possible participatory level of a high-ranking military or civilian official who meets Article 8bis's leadership requirement.
06/13/13--The CTBTO PrepCom's 40th session is scheduled for June 13-14.
The PrepCom, open to all States parties to the Treaty, will address substantive and procedural issues related to the Treaty and the upcoming Review Conference in 2015.
According to members of the Africa Initiative on Mining, Environment and Society (AIMES), the Canadian delegation at the Bali PrepCom were "among the architects of the mining section", and were alleged to have been one of the official delegations for whom mining was a "non-negotiable issue", unless the outcome could be reworked to "promote increased mining within the framework of voluntary codes and high privileges for companies." Statement by AIMES on Mining (June 5, 2002), available at
During the fourth PrepCom, the United States, which had questioned the economic and political foundation of GPGs, asked that any reference to GPGs be eliminated from the final consensus.
(49) A British draft for Article 10(2) (50) submitted during the March-April session of PrepCom in 1998 became the basis for the final draft of Article 16.
Dissatisfied with the Chair's final PrepCom II report, which lacked a comprehensive gender perspective, women found ways to ensure that the implementation measures outlined by the Women's Major Group during the Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue were not forgotten during the Summit.
At the recent Prepcom conference, a delegation from two Earth Island projects, the World Sustainability Hearings Project (WoSH) and Grassroots Globalization Network (GNN), met with individual civil society participants and members of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).
(15.) The PrepCom was established in an annex to the final act of the U.N.
They were afraid of the right wing movement that swarmed the PrepCom meetings in 1999 and 2000.
(57) Afternote: The Women's Caucus raised the issue during the PrepCom on Elements of Crimes and it was originally accepted as part of the commentary to genocide that sexual violence could constitute acts of genocide where the prerequisites were met.
'94) and at the Prepcom before it (March 1994) a nasty problem arose for the UN.