PREPCOMPreparation Communications
PREPCOMPreparedness Command (PrepCom 1 Communications)
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During the PrepComs for the 2005 Review Conference, several countries gave suggestions on how the NPT could be strengthened.
To achieve an effective solution, the key issues that need to be addressed at the PrepComs and at the 2010 Review Conference are: how to prevent withdrawals such as the one initiated by North Korea; how to motivate nuclear states to carry out their obligations under the NPT to achieve nuclear disarmament; and lastly, how to improve the review process in order to exert more pressure for full implementation and accountability under the NPT.
65] But no such exemption from a controverted definition of aggression has been explicitly accorded to non-parties, and recent PrepComs have seen an eager discussion, in closed sessions, by states seeking to operationalize a crime of "aggressive war.
CSOs actively participated in the process, which revolved around 'Rules of Procedure, Accreditation and Modalities for Participation' 'Contents and Themes' of the WSIS PrepComs and Summit.
Le SMSI traverse un processus preparatoire, qui a deja produit un nombre devenements regionaux ainsi que les deux premiers PrepComs qui ont eu lieu en juillet 2002 et en fevrier 2003.