PREPCOMMPreparatory Committee
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The non-proliferation regime is under far greater stress than the business as usual attitude of states at the prepcomm suggests.
(113) In particular, Wenaweser early on signaled his sincere commitment to an outcome by adopting the successful strategy of Fernandez de Gurmendi, coordinator of the Prepcomm, and focusing the group on small technical challenges susceptible to resolution.
(138) German delegates had played an essential role in drafting the Prepcomm's 2002 discussion paper on the crime of aggression.
Throughout this period most industrialized countries had preserved their options by remaining involved with both the reciprocating states regime and the PrepComm. Without their involvement, neither system was viable, and without a pressing economic need to promote seabed mining, these states could take their time in choosing between the regimes.
The PrepComm, established by the convention in 1983, had prepared draft rules of procedure, but these required considerable revision in light of the 1994 Agreement.
The 2000 Review strengthened the process by providing continuity from one PrepComm to the next.
Each session of the PrepComm was instructed to consider principles, objectives and ways to promote the full implementation of the Treaty as well as its universality.
Fearing that the issue would divert attention from the North's contribution to global environmental problems, the South kept population off the docket until the third of the summit's four preparatory committee meetings, or PrepComms. Even then, Southern leaders insisted that reforming the global economic system, curbing Northern consumption, and providing resources to fight poverty and promote sustainable development in the Third World remain the primary focus of the conference.
PrepComm deliberations were tense and excruciatingly slow.
* opportunities for representatives of civil society organizations to participate in all prepcomm and inter-sessional meetings, including the making of statements to all meetings, receiving all paper and working documents, and distributing their own documents to all delegations;
In fact, NGOs have an opportunity to advance such a global conference by holding seminars and workshops around the world, which could be a form of a civil society "PrepComm." The role of the UN as the gathering place for the growing aspirations of the worldwide community calling for the total elimination of nuclear weapons should now be highlighted.
In the arcane world of nuclear diplomacy, this was considered a step forward, since the 1998 Second PrepComm had concluded in disarray without an agreement that the parties disagreed.