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PREPOSTORPrepositioned Storage
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There stands the School-house prepostor, safest of goal-keepers, and Tom Brown by his side, who has learned his trade by this time.
The master mounted into the high desk by the door, and one of the prepostors of the week stood by him on the steps, the other three marching up and down the middle of the school with their canes, calling out, "Silence, silence!" The sixth form stood close by the door on the left, some thirty in number, mostly great big grown men, as Tom thought, surveying them from a distance with awe; the fifth form behind them, twice their number, and not quite so big.
The master of the week being short-sighted, and the prepostors of the week small and not well up to their work, the lower- school boys employ the ten minutes which elapse before their names are called in pelting one another vigorously with acorns, which fly about in all directions.