PREQPostgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire
PREQPath Request (mesh networks)
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It can be observed that the PREP frames are efficiently authenticated in route to the source node that generated the PREQ. These PREP frames are encrypted in transit with the one-hop group secret shared by the one-hop neighbors of a node and authenticated using HMAC to ensure two-hop authentication.
In case an intermediate node already has a route to the destination due to its previous encounter with either a PREQ or PREP from the destination, it can generate a PREP to be unicasted to the source if the Destination Only (DO) flag is not set in the PREQ frame and if the last known sequence number of the destination in the PREQ that it just received is lower than the sequence number of the destination that the intermediate possesses in its route cache.
Institutions frequently use CEQ and PREQ data from the AGS for tracking development of faculty teaching performance.
Here, we briefly describe the background to the development and evaluation of the PREQ that was the source of data in the present investigation.
This led to the development and evaluation of the PREQ instrument to measure PhD students' evaluations.
In this paper, we focus on the proactive PREQ mode.
The survey, documented in GCA (2013), comprising the GDS and PREQ was distributed to 7399 research graduates from 40 higher education institutions in 2012, and it achieved a 65 percent response rate; individual institutional response rates ranged from 19 to 100 per cent (B.
Prover: Suppose a prover wants to start an STP proof collection event at time, the prover first broadcasts an STP proof request (denoted as PReq) to other nearby mobile devices and waits for responses.
Six-item scale on supervisor support was adopted from postgraduate research experience questionnaire (PREQ) (Ainley & Harvey-Beavis, 2000).
In every localization, it will calculate the cumulative probability Q of each possible path based on the current result and the last queue preQ and rebuild curQ for the next locating.