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PRESPressure (meteorology)
PRESPôle de Recherche et d'Enseignement Supérieur (French: Center for Research and Higher Education)
PRESProgram for the Retention of Engineering Students
PRESProgram Reporting & Evaluation System
PRESPosterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (hypertensive encephalopathy)
PRESPresent (abstention 'vote' or recorded show of presence, US Congress)
PResPrimary Reserve (Canadian armed forces)
PRESAtmospheric Pressure
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In effect, the doctrine says "if the original recipient can't use the assets, they should be used for a purpose cy pres, or as close as possible.
404) 255-6377 Fax: (404) 255-6301 Contact: Mike Wittenstein, Pres.
Reading this posthumous collection of twenty-two essays, I was once again filled with enormous respect for the courage, moral discernment, and eloquence with which Des Pres addressed the most compelling issues of our age: the Holocaust and other genocides; the militarization and nuclearization of our culture, polity, and planet; torture and other human rights abuses; and the ostensibly limitless power of modern states to assault language, truth, and, ineluctably, their own citizens.
RDI Communications * 219/485-5319 Patricia Shuman, Pres.
PRES focuses on custom-designed transactions that meet the particular requirements of corporate and individual sellers.
Studebacker also served as Pres of the American Seed Trade Assn from 1991-1992 and was awarded honorary membership in 1998.
East Coast Lumber & Christine Lewis-Morse, pres.
Davila said that cy pres awards in consumer privacy cases should go to consumer privacy organizations.
Nuages bas relativement denses la matinee et la nuit pres des cotes avec risque de bruine locale, notamment la nuit.
Johnson, Karrol, Pres, Alaska Quality Builders, Construction