PRESAFEPreventive Occupant Safety
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The Institute said, 'With the addition of PreSafe Brake, the vehicle slowed by an average of 24 mph in the 25 mph test.
A forward collision warning system called PreSafe, with its many sensors and smart elect-ronic control units, can identify an imminent crash and automatically take measures to secure occupants.
Surgiclot is classified by the UK's regulatory agency MHRA, and Nemko PreSafe, a global testing and certification company specializing in medical devices, as a medical device class 111 with medicinal ancillary action.
Safety features includes Mercedes' PreSafe system which 'senses' an emergency and reacts to maximise protection.
The car is also fitted with what Mercedes calls PRESAFE, a system that works by recognising potentially dangerous situations and preparing the car for an accident while putting front occupants in the safest possible position if a crash seems likely.
It is the first model in the luxury off-roader sector to have Mercedes' Presafe occupant protection anticipatory system working in conjunction with the electronic stability programme and anti-locking brakes.