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PRESETPre-Service Education and Training (education)
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335+ Presets: Choose from more than 335 Trapcode Particular presets, designed to give you a head start.
As the PRV models evaluated were classified as ordinary pressure regulators, the mean regulated pressure ([bar.p]) shall not deviate from the declared preset pressure by more than 7%, and the coefficient of variation shall not be greater than 10% [8].
The acquisition approaches of single preset control parameters are given.
This 1 million-sq ft convention center has the daunting requirement for lighting/systems control that includes 23,000 lighting fittings, architectural lighting presets, preprogrammed and live theatrical and intelligent moving lights, motorized lifts, color-changing LED and meshing to a complex security system.
The US Treasury is planning to sell its 27 per cent stake in Citigroup, Inc using a preset trading plan that would lock the government into a schedule for selling its shares.
Although the results showed no statistically significant differences in achievement scores between the groups with specific versus general preset learning goals in a hypertext environment, the study showed that the group constructed relational-type maps more frequently under the influence of a specific preset learning goal, indicating that different learning goals can influence users' thinking and patterns of navigation.
KeyColor Adelphi software uses computer-to-plate output to preset ink fountain keys and reduce set-up costs on presses with non-EPG ink-control systems.
It has a library of 33 preset wine temperatures for cooling white, red, champagne and sparkling wines, which can be controlled on both sides of the unit.
Features include an internal digital voltage control, letting the operator preset weld voltage before striking an arc.
Suppliers can book private meeting or show rooms, where they can host preset, 20-minute appointments with buyers.