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PRESSPoint-Resolved Spectroscopy (magnetic resonance imaging)
PRESSPeace Research and European Security Studies
PRESSPrediction Error Sum of Squares
PRESSPortsmouth/Piketon Residents for Environmental Safety and Security (Ohio)
PRESSPacific Range Electromagnetic Signature Studies
PRESSPersonnel Recovery Extraction Survivability Aided by Smart-Sensors (DOD/DTRA)
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What signifies a declaration, that "the liberty of the press shall be inviolably preserved"?
That others would press to the support of those who faced me I knew, so even as I fought I kept my wits at work, searching for an avenue of escape.
There exists at that epoch, for thought written in stone, a privilege exactly comparable to our present liberty of the press.
Cornelius answered that it was indeed so; that, however, he never put his hand into the press but to ascertain whether his bulbs were dry, and that he never looked into it but to see if they were beginning to sprout.
And the question was repeated, while he struggled for will power sufficient to press on the light.
Were you a member of the Women's Press Association?
Father had been politely abused in the capitalist press, the tone of the abuse being to the effect that it was a pity so great a scientist should leave his field and invade the realm of sociology, about which he knew nothing and wherein he had promptly become lost.
With that Sir Arthur turned with his knights, and smote behind and before, and ever Sir Arthur was in the foremost press till his horse was slain under him.
It should not surprise us to find in the one man the perfection of two such lines of activity if we remember that the daily press was already beginning to transform itself and to become what it is to-day--the gazette of crime.
Cambridge University Press, 1920), will see that an old-fashioned materialism can receive no support from modern physics.
But, the foul growth of America has a more tangled root than this; and it strikes its fibres, deep in its licentious Press.
Under this act,' the Shop-lifting Act, 'one Mary Jones was executed, whose case I shall just mention; it was at the time when press warrants were issued, on the alarm about Falkland Islands.